Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Sometimes ago, a musician stepped out of this world. His name is Luther Vandross, one of the world's most famous blue singers athat have left behing a great vaccum to be filled by any other musician. This idol happen to be my idol in musics. I have wondered if no other person will be able to continue in the legacy left behind by this graet singer. That was why I have decided to continue with the works of Luther but now, with chistian lyrics.
I have been into musics for over 20 years and my musics have metamorphosed to be one of the few blues with purely christian lyrics and backgrund. I compose and write songs, arrange songs, most of them being blues and very few R$B, with very little hip hop.Buy tracks of my songs and I can assure you that u have not heard from anybody before in life.The copyrite is assured
Check them out.Few of my songs are
1.By the time this world is over
2. Destination
3.Almighty ,Creator
5.Dont you worry
6.I dont waana cry anymore......... and over 71 more

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